Newsletter | December 2021

Newsletter | December 2021

Study Break

This has been a challenging school year

It’s important to remember that, though they may have ground to make up, kids also need a break. We as parents may be a little too focused on pushing our kids without allowing for the mental and physical fatigue that can result.

The end of the calendar year is a great time to incorporate helpful study breaks and get your game plan for 2022 in place.

Read about why kids need a break, and get suggestions on the right way to do it.

Did you know?
  • When students experience an academic setback such as a bad grade, the amount of cortisol—the so-called stress hormone—in their bodies typically spikes
  • Having a “growth mindset” – where the student believes intelligence can be developed – helps them handle this stress
  • Study breaks improve retention and productivity
  • Social media doesn’t work well as a purposeful break
  • What does work? Listening to music
  • Taking a walk
  • A healthy meal or snack
  • Stretching and a change of scenery
  • Draw, doodle, or color

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Newsletter | December 2021

Newsletter | November 2021

The Importance of Writing Things Down

Something as simple as getting a day planner for your student and teaching them how to use it effectively can seriously boost academic performance. Paper and pencil are tools that can reinforce the things students need to remember as well as keep them organized. A bonus is that you will help your child be less dependent on electronic devices for scheduling, reminders, notes, and important info.

Read more about helping your student…

Did you know?
  • Writing things down trains your brain to remember
  • The majority of states in the U.S. (29) have stopped teaching handwriting
  • Subjects in a study on writing and memory retention who wrote notes by hand scored much higher than those who typed notes on a keyboard
  • Take notes by hand. You can increase your memory by as much as 70 percent when you review your handwritten notes within 24 hours
  • Overuse of electronic devices lends itself to feeling anxious or stressed
  • Children’s screen time has DOUBLED this year compared to last year

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Newsletter | December 2021

Newsletter | October 2021

Overcoming Learning Loss

Dad reading with kids

4 Ways Parents Can Improve Learning

  1. Parents who foster a love of reading in their children provide one of the most essential elements in their academic success.
  2. Keeping a positive perspective, even when kids are struggling or failing, is essential.
  3. Turning ordinary daily interactions into teachable moments is also helpful.
  4. And keeping in touch with your child’s teacher means that all of you are working as a team to help your child succeed.

Read more about Overcoming Learning Loss…

Did you know?
  • 6 additional minutes of reading per day can significantly improve kids’ reading performance
  • Children who read at least 20 minutes a day are exposed to almost 2 million words per year
  • Over 80% of teenagers don’t read for pleasure on a daily basis
  • Harvard Family Research Project: Parent involvement is the number one predictor of early literacy success and future academic achievement for children
  • University of Sussex scientists: Reading a book or newspaper for just 6 minutes lowered people’s stress levels by 68%
  • Yale University Study: People who read books for 30 minutes a day lived longer than those who read magazines or newspapers
  • University of California study: people with a 9th grade or higher literacy level are 4 to 5 times more likely to maintain mental capacity with age
  • The three most-read booksThe BibleQuotations From Chairman Mao Tse-Tung, and Harry Potter
  • Love the way books smell? That’s called “bibliosma

Reading Books

More Interesting Facts About Reading

21 Captivating Reading Statistics and Facts for 2021

5 Benefits of Reading

6 Scientific Reasons You Should Be Reading More

60 Incredible Facts About Reading and Books

Books Build Brains

20 Not to be Missed Facts About Reading

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Newsletter | December 2021

Newsletter | September 2021

Back in School – what’s the scoop?

Students behind in math

Students are 5 months behind in Math and 4 months behind in Reading

recently published study by McKinsey & Company reveals that after a year in remote and hybrid learning, students in the United States have fallen behind significantly. Assessment tests showed the biggest loss is in math, averaging 5 months behind, and English following at 4 months behind.

Learning loss isn’t the only side effect

Roughly 80 percent of 16,870 parents surveyed had “some level of concern” about their child’s mental health or social and emotional health and development since the pandemic began
read more…

Did you know?
  • The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that about 3.3% of students in the U.S. were homeschooled before the pandemic. That number is now at 11.1% or 5 million.
  • By the end of 2018 (the last available figures) more than 3.3 million students in the U.S. attended charter schools.
  • There are almost 35,000 private schools in the United States, serving 5.7 million PK-12 students. 78% of these are religiously-affiliated schools.
  • Enrollment in community colleges, other two-year college programs, and four-year colleges is down while the dropout rate in high schools is up.

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Newsletter | August 2021

Newsletter | August 2021

Back to School???

First day of school

Uncertainty Persists for the New School Year

Just when you thought you and your family could return to “normal” for the new school year starting this month, the Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus has become a major disruptor. This will be the THIRD school year that is affected by the pandemic in one way or another.
What’s it going to be like for students returning to school?
read more…

Do Over Year

Thinking about holding your student back for a year?

Regardless of whether your child is returning to school in person, or may still be doing school remotely, a lot of parents are considering a “do-over” year.

What are the pros and cons of a “Do-Over” year and what options do you have?

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Tutor Spotlight

Check out our Tutor Spotlight!

We’ve started a new blog category so we can shine the spotlight on our tutors. We’re just getting started, so check out the first few spotlights we’ve published.

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