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Improve learning in history, social studies, government, economics, and more

How a Social Studies Tutor Can Help

Learning geography with a globe

History, government, social studies, economics, geography, and more

Help your child learn the important connections to local and global history and government. We can help with social studies, economics, political science, world religions and more. Whether your child needs to catch up with the rest of the class, or is struggling with a certain topic, the personalized attention from a teacher/tutor will help. All online tutoring sessions are one-on-one and face to face.

US History, World History, State History

Whichever type of history your child is studying, or if they are interested in something that’s not offered in class, our experienced history tutors can create an enriched lesson plan to help your child learn and retain historical facts.

If a classroom setting on history puts your child to sleep, they are not alone. But when they can discuss it and read about it one-on-one with a teacher who knows and loves the topic, they will soon learn how important and relevant history is to everyday life today.

Get more “a-ha” moments with personalized learning

Whether your child is a hands-on or visual learner, our certified teachers can personalize tutoring sessions in social studies subjects to their specific learning style. Certified teachers have the skills to tailor lessons and present foundational concepts in appealing and engaging ways. Give your child the gift of “a-ha” moments that signal learning success.

Where Our Social Studies Tutors Can Help

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Don’t see a social studies topic you’re interested in? Just ask, and we will match you with a tutor who specializes in the topic your child wants to study.

We have experienced tutors for all your student’s academic needs