Foreign Language Tutoring

Build basic foreign language skills to get to fluency

How a Foreign Language Tutor Can Help

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Learn and reinforce new language skills.

Half of the world population is bilingual, but only 25% of Americans can hold a conversation in another language.

Sometimes one-on-one practice with a new language is the key to unlocking fluency. Children have an innate ability to learn new languages, but they don’t all learn at the same pace. Our foreign language tutors have the background to improve your child’s foreign language learning skills by working individually with them.

Great reasons to learn a foreign language

Research shows that students who learn more than one language also have better thinking and reasoning skills. If that’s not compelling enough, consider the fact that language learning boosts academic achievement. Being bilingual can open many doors for your child now and into adulthood.

Get more “a-ha” moments with personalized learning

Whether your child is a hands-on or visual learner, our certified teachers can personalize tutoring sessions in the language they are learning, and can work with their specific learning style. Certified teachers have the skills to tailor lessons and reinforce language learning in appealing and engaging ways. Give your child the gift of “a-ha” moments that signal learning success.

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