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How a Science Tutor Can Help

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Building on the basics

Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Astronomy, Physics, Anatomy

Science skills build on each other, from basic to advanced. Making sure that your child has the basics down means they will be able to progress in sync with the rest of the class. Whether scientific theory or basic physical science is presenting a challenge to your child, working with a science teacher in a one-on-one personalized tutoring session will help him or her master the subject. The challenges and mysteries of science are much easier to understand when your child can get that enriched individual support that’s missing in a group environment in the classroom.

Science is the S in STEM

If your child is interested in pursuing a path in school that is focused on science, technology, engineering, and math, or STEM, being proficient in science is important. Younger students can learn the basics of scientific concepts and theories and older students can build on their knowledge to pursue topics on a deeper level.

Get more “a-ha” moments with personalized learning

Whether your child is a hands-on or visual learner, our certified teachers can personalize tutoring sessions in science to their specific learning style. Certified teachers have the skills to tailor lessons and break down foundational science concepts in appealing and engaging ways. Give your child the gift of “a-ha” moments that signal learning success.

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Don’t see a science topic you’re interested in? Just ask, and we will match you with a tutor who specializes in the topic your child wants to study.

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