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TutorUp is an online tutoring company providing live, private, personalized tutoring services. One-on-one tutoring, with certified classroom-experienced teachers, for all grades from Pre-K through high school, in all academic subjects.

Every Tutor is a certified teacher

All our tutors are certified, background-checked, experienced classroom teachers.

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Each student gets the undivided attention and personalized support they need.

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Mrs. Elena P

Mrs. Elena P

Elementary School Tutor

I am dedicated to helping each child reach their full potential. As an Early Childhood Educator, I believe the foundation for a successful school experience is laid in preschool. Seeing their young minds grow has always been so rewarding to me!

View Mrs. Elena’s Profile > 

Mr. Scott B

Mr. Scott B

High School Tutor

I found my passion in 2015: helping high school students become successful in school…and in MATH! My approach is one of patience, practice, and application of knowledge. I have a calm and welcoming personality that hopefully makes learners feel relaxed. 

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Mrs. Michelle W

Mrs. Michelle W

Elementary School Tutor

I ‘ve taught elementary and middle school students for over 20 years and will use my expertise to help them excel academically as well as become independent critical thinkers.

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Ms. Kaitlyn L

Ms. Kaitlyn L

3rd & 4th Grade Tutor

I am currently a fourth grade elementary school teacher. I have a special ed inclusion classroom where there are a number of different disabilities that I’ve had to teach virtually. I really love my job and I love forming connections with students.

View Mrs. Elena’s Profile > 

Mrs. Tammy C

Mrs. Tammy C

K-8 Tutor

Passionate learner that enjoys working with students to help them gain a better understanding of the English language. Specialize in multi sensory lessons that enhance learning and retention of practiced skills.

Mr. Hector S

Mr. Hector S

Spanish Tutor

Experienced language and guidance teacher willing to help with language as well as organizational skills to help him/her on reaching better levels of success not only on your student language needs, but in their learning experience as a whole.

View Mr. Hector’s Profile > 

More From Our Happy Customers

Tutoring with Natalie went very well. She was very patient, kind and professional. Alexander definitely learned from her teaching skills. He went from a 59% to 83% as his final in Chemistry. Without TutorUp, Alex would have failed and quite possibly be attending summer school.

Machelle W

“My understanding from my sister and my nephew is that the teacher you assigned is an excellent educator. I was also very impressed with how you took the time to find the right teacher for my nephew Luke. Based upon my initial impression of you, I have already referred your service to four of my (colleagues at work) by giving them your phone number.”

Jonathan M

My grandson’s tutor was really great with him. She helped him so much with English and Math.

Mary F

I can’t thank TutorUp enough for the help that we’ve received. My grandson was starting the second grade at a reading level and a math level that was going to cause him to be held back this year. In the two months that we’ve been with tutor up at two to three sessions a week with Miss Danielle, my grandson is not in that hole that he was in anymore and him being held back isn’t an option now. I am so grateful that I found TutorUp and I would recommend them to anyone who finds themself in the same boat that I was in.

Margaret B

Great teachers that love what they do!

Nyre T

TutorUp is exactly what we were looking for! We needed a virtual option that offered a personal touch. Our tutor, James, is fantastic. In addition to extensive subject knowledge, he helped our son gain confidence by learning to ask the right questions and to better understand where he actually needs help. James is respectful of our time and willing to work with our schedule. This was the lifeline our son needed to move forward! Thank you TutorUp!

Tina H

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