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Tutoring During COVID-19
We offer online tutoring through our website where a tutor and student can meet for a video session and share a digital whiteboard. Until further notice, new in-person tutoring sessions are not being scheduled. For more information on our online sessions visit our online tutoring page or please reach out to us at

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The TutorUp Advantage

Every Tutor is a certified Teacher

You want the best for your child, so why not work with the best?

  • Teachers live and breathe the subject matter and understand how it gets tested.
  • We help you find a tutor by exclusively partnering with professional teachers who have a calling to help students succeed.
  • With an active certification in your child's grade level and subjects, our tutors know your local curriculum standards and have the training to guide your child towards mastery.
  • Further, teachers know when and how to push students, how to tailor lessons to specific learning styles, and how to build student confidence.

To put it simply, Teachers are superior Tutors


We found Ms. U on TutorUp and couldn’t be happier with her work. She knows when and how to push my son - something no tutor I’ve hired before has done well.

Agnes W., New York, NY

TutorUp helps us find great tutors for our kids. They give us the background so we don't have to worry about who is working with our kids. 

David S., Nashville, TN

We really had a tough time finding the right tutor for our child. When we found TutorUp, they showed us high quality tutors in our area and let us choose from that list. 

The Acharya Family, Nashville, TN

TutorUp is here to help your student no matter what their academic needs may be


Get up to speed

As our world changes with technology, so do our classroom standards. It can be hard for any student to keep up with this kind of fast-paced environment. Did you know that 60% of first time college students need remedial classes! We want to make sure that your student is able to catch up to their classmates and start the next step in their education on the right foot.


Get ahead

Today’s students want to do more than keep up with classroom standards, they want to exceed them. By adding tutoring services to your already thriving students, they can learn study skills for the future and improve their memory over time. Let us help your child be the top of their class with a qualified teacher-tutor who can help them soar.


Look to the future

As your student prepares for college, they are watching their grades, adding extracurricular activities, and getting reference letters from their teachers. But there is one piece missing in their preparation. Test prep is vital for college admissions as it helps your student retain the things they are learning. Getting a good score on these exams could make or break your student’s college applications. Don’t wait, let us find you a teacher-tutor to prepare your child today!

Meet Our Teacher-Tutors

Mr. Patterson - Teacher Tutor

Mr. Patterson

8th Grade English / Nashville, TN

“Mr. Patterson is a great tutor, he’s patient and works with our son at our son’s pace. More than anything, we are thankful for his knowledge and ability to share that with our child.”

Stacy M.

Ms. Rojas - Teacher Tutor

Ms. Rojas

5th Grade Math / Belmont, NC

“Our Tutor Ms. Rojas has been fantastic, she is able to work with our son on his level and get him to not only understand the material but apply it to his work at school. We highly recommend her.”

Bob W.

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