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We do tutoring differently – all our tutors are background checked, active teachers that know the curriculum in your area.

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Get Started

How to Get Started
Answer a few questions

1. Answer a few questions

Tell us what you need so we know what you're looking for.

We'll find you a match

2. We'll find you a match

We'll do the work and find a tutor that matches your needs.

Schedule your session

3. Schedule your session

Talk to your match and schedule your first session.

Let the learning begin

4. Let the learning begin

Complete your session and receive a lesson recap.

Why TutorUp?
Every Tutor is a local certified tutor.

Every Tutor is a local certified tutor. 

You want the best for your child, so why not work with the best? We help you find a tutor by exclusively partnering with local professional teachers who have a calling to help students succeed. With an active certification in your child’s grade level and subjects, our tutors know youtr local curriculum standards and have the training to guide your child towards mastery. 

TutorUp Support = Your Tutor Concierge

TutorUp Support = Your Tutor Concierge

Whether you’re new to tutoring and not sure where to start or already know what you want, we’ve got your back. Our support team will guide you through the matching process, help you prepare for your first lesson, and answer any questions along the way.

Session Recap Documents

Session Recap Documents

Tutors write recaps after each lesson, which you recieve by email. You can also have us send recaps to your student’s teacher, allowing your teacher and teacher-tutor to communicate about your students needs through their tutoring sessions.

Meet Our Teacher-Tutors
Ms. Rojas

Ms. Rojas
5th Grade Math / Belmont, NC


“Our Tutor Ms. Rojas has been fantastic, she is able to work with our son on his level and get him to not only understand the material but apply it to his work at school. We highly recommend her.”

-Bob W.
Mr. Patterson

Mr. Patterson
8th Grade English / Nashville, TN


“Mr Patterson is a great tutor, he’s patient and works with our son at our son’s pace. More than anything, we are thankful for his knowledge and ability to share that with our child.”

-Stacy M.

Cities Available

Nashville, TN

Orlando, FL

Charoltte, NC

Tampa, FL

Memphis, TN

St. Petersburg, FL

Richmond, VA

Miami, FL

Knoxville, TN

New York, NY

Dallas, TX

Northern Virginia Suburbs

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