Free Online Tutoring Resources

Free Online Tutoring Resources

A quick search online shows that there are many different resources for families and students who are looking for free online tutoring help. It seems that most of these resources offer homework assistance, including 24/7 instant answers to student questions, but many also pair up tutors with students for free sessions.

  • Many school districts offer free online tutoring in some subjects to students in the district, and individual schools also have programs for their own students. Check your district and school websites for information on any free tutoring programs they may offer.
  • Public libraries have partnered with various tutoring services to be able to offer online tutoring, homework help, test preparation, and career support for free to library members. Check your local library website, or call to find out if they are enrolled in a program like this.
  • Non-profit groups in many school districts have created free tutoring programs for local students, like Ignited Minds in New Mexico.
  • National non-profit groups like Tutoring America provide funding or scholarships for students who need private tutoring help but don’t have the financial resources to pay for it.
  • There are also programs like ClassWallet that help students obtain funding to pay for private tutoring services. TutorUp is a partner with ClassWallet.
  • Some states provide vouchers that can be used towards tutoring expenses.
  • The federal government has approved coronavirus relief money to fund “microgrants” for parents to use to hire tutors or teachers.

Tuition Assistance

TutorUp has partnered with ClassWallet, a resource that helps provide funding to families that can be used on tutoring expenses.

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