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Tutoring with Natalie went very well. She was very patient, kind and professional. Alexander definitely learned from her teaching skills. He went from a 59% to 83% as his final in Chemistry.

Machelle W.



My understanding from my sister and my nephew is that the teacher you assigned is an excellent educator. I was also very impressed with how you took the time to find the right teacher for my nephew Luke. Based upon my initial impression of you, I have already referred your service to four of my (colleagues at work) by giving them your phone number. 

Jonathan M.



I have always been a nervous test taker.  The first time I took the ACT, I froze! I decided to take an ACT preparation course. My teacher helped me to work through sample formats, provided common questions and vocabulary, designated specific areas to target, and helped me to tackle my own anxiety. The best part of the prep was that I could interact with my teacher, and she could focus on my individual questions and needs.

Steven C.



I have been happy to watch the progress of my student. Yesterday her mother was ecstatic as she talked about how impressed the child’s teacher was to hear her progress in her reading. She said the teacher could not believe their child had improved so much in just a few weeks. That thrilled me to know that the classroom teacher had noticed that much of an improvement, and the parents are very happy that the child is catching up so fast with her peers in class.

Wanda H.


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