How Tutoring Can Help Your Teen

Whether your teen was able to keep up with school this past semester, or has fallen behind due to missing in-person school and early school closing, you may be concerned about what to do next. More than 59% of parents polled recently by ABC/IPSOS said that they were concerned about their children falling behind, and are anxious about sending them back to school. Here’s what parents need to know about tutoring.

Tutoring is a one-on-one relationship

Teachers are just not able to give significant one-on-one attention to individual students when they have a classroom full of kids to work with. Students who are having trouble with the subject matter fall behind and students who are advanced get bored. Tutoring allows the teacher to have a personalized approach for each student, addressing their individual needs and learning styles.

While it is essential that your student understands the course materials, it’s also important that they feel valued as an individual to help build self confidence. Tutoring can offer this feeling of validation by giving your teen the attention they can’t get in a group setting. Their success is as important to their tutor as it is to your teen.

Tutoring Can Be Tailored to the Student’s Individual Learning Style

Whether a teacher is working with a full classroom of students (or on a zoom call), they have to do their best to present information that all of their students can grasp. This isn’t realistically possible in a group setting with students at various levels of capability, and inevitably some students will fall behind.

Teens are often embarrassed to admit in a classroom setting that they don’t understand the material. They don’t want to call attention to themselves and risk looking like a failure and opening themselves up to teasing or ridicule. So rather than ask questions or ask for individual help, these teen students suffer in silence.

This is where tutoring can provide a tailored learning experience for your student. Tutoring makes sure that your student is getting completely up to speed on what is happening in the classroom. Not only does this help them with their academic progress, but there are other benefits as well.

Tutoring Improves Self-Confidence

Some of these benefits include improved self-confidence. It is inevitable that, at some point, many students may feel left behind or not understand everything that’s going on in the classroom. This can be disheartening, especially for your high achievers. This is where tutoring can be a solution for your student’s self esteem. As they improve academically through personalized tutoring, their self esteem will start to rise and they will feel capable of much more than before.

Teens have many challenges, so having improved self esteem and increased motivation can help with more than just academic success. Being successful in school leads to success in other areas of life.

Busy Parents Need Help Too

Another way that tutoring can help your teen is by taking the burden off your shoulders and relieving you of the role of educator as well as parent. Parents have many demands on their time and attention, including work and other children, and often don’t have the time or experience to act as a tutor to their child. Feeling unable to help can be a huge stressor when your teen isn’t 100% on top of their schooling.

This is where having a dedicated professional to help your teen succeed in school can help you put that concern to rest. Tutoring not only helps your teen, but also alleviates the stress you may feel about the whole situation.

With uncertainty about what the new school year is going to look like, parents and teens alike are feeling a bit anxious. Some personalized tutoring for your teen might be the perfect solution to relieve that anxiety, provide the academic help they need, and help build self-confidence so that whatever challenges they face in school, they will feel ready.

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