Do I have to pay taxes on my tutoring earnings?

We believe everyone should pay all the taxes that they owe, to both federal and local authorities. Income teachers generate from TeacherFindr falls under IRS rule 6050-W, which stipulates that TutorUp must report teacher earnings to the IRS if a teacher earns more than $20,000 in a year AND if a teacher holds over 200 tutoring appointments. If BOTH of these conditions are not met, then TutorUp will NOT report tutoring earnings to the IRS. Still, teachers are responsible for reporting the income they earn and paying all the taxes that they owe.

What if I don't like the tutor?

Before hiring a tutor, we advise parents to extensively message, or talk on the phone, with a tutor to see if they match. If for whatever reason the tutoring isn’t working out, let us know and we’ll work to help find you a suitable alternative.

When will you make it here?

When more than 100 teachers join our “waiting” list in an area, we open the geography for service on TutorUp. If you want to accelerate us opening in your market, get teachers onboard! All of the referral rules will still apply for these teachers that join.

No teachers meet my search criteria. Now what?

Sorry about that! You can either (1) relax your search criteria or (2) check back in a few days – we’re always adding more teachers, and sooner or later will have someone who fits what you’re looking for.

What is TutorUp pricing?

We add a $50 one-time fee to the first tutoring appointment, and take 15% of the ongoing tutoring fee. This is significantly less than other tutoring services, who typically take between 40-70% of the fee as commission.

How do payments work?

Parents keep a valid credit card linked to their profiles. After a tutoring session, teachers are required to write a short recap of the session, which is sent to the parent and anyone else the parent designates. Teachers also fill out a “timesheet” where they punch in the number of hours they worked that day; a message will be sent to the parent, who can either confirm or refute that the tutoring took place. If in 24 hours we don’t hear from the parent, we’ll assume that the tutoring did take place and make a payment to the teacher.