FAQs: Hiring a Tutor

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With social distancing, are online tutoring sessions available?


For the safety and health of our teachers and our students during this time of self-isolating and quarantine, we are now offering the same one-on-one tutoring services in an online format. Call for pricing info in your area. 877-888-6787

Can the same tutor work with all my children?


Can the same tutor teach multiple subjects?

Teachers may teach any subject that they have certification and/or experience teaching.

Do we need to change tutors at the beginning of the new school year?

This is not necessary if the teacher is certified to teach at your child's grade level. However parents are free to change tutors whenever you would like.

When will you be available in my location?

With online tutoring now available, we are able to serve students in any geographic area in the continental United States.

When more than 100 teachers join our “waiting” list in an area, we open the geography for in-person tutoring service on TutorUp. If you want to accelerate us opening in your market, get teachers onboard! All of the referral rules will still apply for these teachers who join.

How do payments work?

Individual tutoring sessions vary in price from $45 to $60 per hour, depending on grade level. Special Education tutoring sessions cost slightly more. And we offer package pricing at a great discount! Parents keep a valid credit card linked to their profiles, and payments are due when sessions are purchased.

No tutors meet my criteria. Now what?

Sorry about that! You can either (1) relax your search criteria or (2) check back in a few days – we’re always adding more teachers, and sooner or later will have someone who fits what you’re looking for.

What if I don’t like the tutor?

Before hiring a tutor, we advise parents to extensively message, or talk on the phone, with a tutor to see if they match. If for whatever reason the tutoring isn’t working out, let us know and we’ll work to help find you a suitable alternative.

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