Newsletter | October 2020

Parents and Tutors!

Greetings and welcome to the first monthly newsletter from the new TutorUp! (formerly TeacherFindr).

There’s a lot going on with us, and here are just a few highlights:

  • We’ve launched a new website
  • We’ve launched new Facebook and Twitter pages
  • We’ve launched new Parent and Tutor Dashboards with increased functionality
  • We’re pleased to be working with Community Health Systems (CHS) to provide tutoring to their employees’ children
  • Happy to be working with ClassWallet to help provide funding to students to pay for tutoring services.
  • Glad to partner with GoodHire to provide our background check services.

We’ve been writing about…

How is your school year going so far?

The 2020 school year has seen unprecedented challenges and lots of upheaval. The teachers we talk to have shared their own individual experiences which run the gamut. Some are back in school full-time, some are holding virtual classes online, or a hybrid blend of the two, and many have decided to sit out this school year in favor of staying home to work with students one-on-one in private tutoring.

The parents we talk to need help dealing with the huge increase in homework combined with the lack of attention their students are experiencing…

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A look at some creative ways to make it work

In our blog post “Back to School in 2020” we talk about some of the strategies parents are choosing to handle their children’s education, including homeschooling, private school, in-person learning pods, online mini pods, and private tutoring. Some of these are temporary replacements for traditional school, until things get back to “normal”, and some of these will be a permanent change.

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