How Much Do Math Tutors Cost? A Closer Look

We know how frustrating it can be to try to find an expert tutor for an in-demand subject area like math. On online tutoring platforms, math tutors know they can charge a premium for their skills. This leads to hourly rates for in-person sessions that can soar as high...

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No Time in Your Life for a Tutor? 6 Tips to Make It Work

Get the kids to school on time. Ace your presentation at work. Run errands. Manage after-school activities. Cook dinner. Spend time together as a family.

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How to Find Tutors for Elementary Students: A Parent's Primer

When it comes to early education, gaps in understanding can occur quickly – and they can persist, even as a student ages. That's why early intervention, including extra tutoring or one-on-one homework help, is so important for young learners who struggle with reading...

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How to Choose the Best Tutors for Special Needs Kids

According to a Department of Education report released earlier this year, the number of students with special needs is on the rise. Not only did the total number of students in need of special education services jump, but these students – representing a variety of...

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How to Fit Tutoring Into Your Busy Household: Our Best Advice

Your house is a whirlwind after school: Your kids need to have a snack, complete homework, keep up with piano lessons, and rush off to soccer practice – you name it. So how do you fit tutoring into a busy household without distracting your struggling student, or making...

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6 Common Learning Challenges Your Tutor Can Help With

Helping your child when she's struggling with schoolwork can be stressful. As a parent, it's also hard to know when a bad test score is just a blip, and when your child needs help from a trained educator to address an area of concern.

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Is Your Child’s Tutor Effective? Here’s What to Look For

There's no doubt about it – tutoring works. And, according to a recent study conducted at Johns Hopkins University, one-on-one attention from a teaching assistant or paraprofessional improved students' performance in the classroom even more than rigorous classroom...

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How Young is Too Young to Hire a Tutor for Your Child?

Enrolling your student in a well-ranked primary or secondary school has never been harder. So it’s no wonder that parents have responded by hiring tutors for their children at younger and younger ages. Suein Hwang, an education reporter for The Wall Street

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How to Achieve the Best School/Life Balance for Your Child

Today’s kids are notoriously over scheduled. They have sports and music lessons and clubs and playdates to manage on top of homework, studying, essays, and group projects. It can all feel like too much, especially when you have a child who needs extra help to stay on...

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Why do teachers make the best tutors for students?

TeacherFindr works exclusively with local K-12 teachers. Our tutors know your district’s curriculum, have the appropriate grade and subject-level certifications, and have passed your district’s rigorous background check. Why does this matter when it comes to tutoring?...

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