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At TutorUp, we are committed to offering the highest quality tutors to parents. To do this, we only work with certified teachers and we have a thorough onboarding process that includes a personal interview, a background check, and all our tutors agree to uphold our high standards for tutoring.

If you’d like to learn more about having your child work with a professional educator, set up a quick call with one of our tutoring planners who can answer your questions.

Here are a few of our Tutors!

Mrs. Shannon C

5+ Years Experience

I am energetic and inviting. I believe in positive reinforcement and helping the child see the best in him or herself. I seek to build both their weaknesses and strengths. I am very fluent in 3-5th grade state testing and common core. I can help your child become more confidence in test taking strategies. I believe in hands on learning, even over a computer. I will seek to incorporate real-life scenarios into learning.

Mr. Brian P

10 Years Experience

I am certified in K-6 general education and middle grades Social Studies and Math, currently I teach AVID (College and Career readiness program) in middle school, i am available bad willing to assist students with all content areas, study skills, and other life skills. My goal as a teacher has never been to teach a particular content area but instead to watch a student grow and reach success, and as a tutor I strive to do the same

Mrs. Angela A

15+ Years Experience

I am a former mathematics teacher of twelve years. During my teaching career, I taught eleven years at the high school level and one year of middle school. Teaching is something that I am passionate about, and I love helping students succeed. My Educator Certificate qualifies me to teach mathematics for grades 6-12. I am highly skilled in teaching math concepts in a manner that will allow students to understand, as well as apply their knowledge. Additionally, I have a patient teaching style and love relating concepts to real life.

A Few Words From Our Users

Tutoring with TutorUp went very well. Our son definitely learned from TutorUp's teaching skills. He went from an F to B.

Machelle W.


TutorUp assigned us an excellent educator. I was also very impressed with how you took the time to find the right teacher for us.

Jonathan M.


TutorUp helped me to work through sample tests, provided common questions and vocabulary, and helped me to tackle my own anxiety. 

Steven C.


Please understand, while the pictures we're using are not our actual customers' photos, the words and names are very real and the help we have delivered to these students is also very real. We prefer to protect customer privacy. So, again, not real pictures but real comments. Thanks for letting us clear that up!

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