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This page will be closed down on June 16th, 2023. If you are an active TutorUp tutor and you have not yet activated your account on the new platform, click the link to the right to activate your new account.

After the shutoff date, no recaps will be accepted through this process and all future tutoring sessions need to take place on our new platform.

Activating your account on our new platform will show your profile to the public. We imported your account from the old system, but we still need you to add some information like a bio, photo, and how you would like to get paid.

Payments on the new platform are DEPOSITED DIRECTLY INTO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT AND THE PAYMENT IS INITIATED IMMIDIATELY AFTER YOU SUBMIT A RECAP.  So you won’t have to wait for a check to show up in the mail!



The Submit Recap form is going away and will be replaced with a new payment process in our new platform in the near future.

To access the platform please follow this link.

You will need to enter the email address you currently use with your TutorUp account. 

If you have any problems logging in, please email us at or call 1-877-TutorUp.

Tutors: Please read these steps prior to submitting your recap

Once you submit this form, it will send the recap to our system.

  • Double check that you have entered your information correctly, and that you have entered the parent’s name and email correctly as well.
  • Remember that this is feedback for the parent, so make sure it is informative.
  • Before we send the recap to the parent, it is reviewed internally by our team, if there is an error, we will ask that you resubmit the recap with the correct information.

Let us know if you have any questions, thank you!